Any witch influence presupposes a ritual, more or less complicated. Kramnik is a special type of magical influence, which often does not even require special skills. It is enough to utter a special conspiracy, being behind your victim’s back – and the necessary will be stolen. In some cases, it is necessary to perform some ritual actions (for example, if the influence is exerted on a photograph).

The main goals for which the mine is used are:

fueling someone else’s energy, vampirism;
theft of luck and luck;
pulling in their side generous financial flows;
selection of health, youth, beauty;
theft of family happiness, career or academic success;
theft of fate or soul.
In any case, the mage redirects the energy of the right type from the chosen person to himself. Experienced people, when speaking conspiracy, emphasize what they want to steal. Less knowledgeable sorcerers sometimes “for a company” with something positive take away the negative (spoiling, heavy love spells, bad karma). For example, along with successes in business, you can steal someone else’s fate, presupposing premature death. Women who practice magic, often help their children, pulling on them the school success of more intelligent classmates. Very often, the impact is on work: to get the desired position, to take concentration, to take away the bonus, etc. Sometimes sorcerers steal the soul and then give it to the dark forces during the conduct of the black rituals.

The peg can be applied once or permanently. In the first case, people “bite” once, in the second – it “milked” regularly. Naturally, the second situation is more complicated, since it does not give a chance for recovery after an energy trauma.

                                                                                 How to recognize a fence

You can diagnose the fence in the same way as ordinary theft: something disappears, and the missing is discovered by the magician. If the victim is not familiar with the sorcerer, then she notices only loss. The symptoms of a fence depend on its type.                                                            There are such symptoms of exposure:

Sudden problems with money, although before they themselves went into the hands (a fence for financial well-being).
The disappearance of interest in one’s own appearance, its deterioration; appearance on the face of spots, redness, scars; a set of excess weight; the emergence of problems with hair and nails (a beauty-kladnik).
The development of a variety of diseases, despite the fact that not so long ago the health was very strong, and the examinations at the doctor did not reveal any pathologies (a health stub).
Weakness, general deterioration of state of health, apathy, unwillingness to do anything (the energy thief).
The loss of his “happy star”: all undertakings crash, however prepared and elaborated they may be (the fountain for good luck).
Cardinal changes in life, more often – negative. A successful careerist suddenly finds herself at home and gradually drowns in everyday problems; freedom-loving young man loses the opportunity to travel and has to settle for
low-paid work in order to feed (the fate of a fighter).
From out of nowhere the family difficulties that have arisen: the children are ill, the husband becomes gloomy, and the wife is always unhappy. The house settles conflicts and quarrels (a fountain of family happiness).
The dim view, the loss of the “fire”, the lack of a fuse to life against the background of all sorts of problems – from financial troubles and ending with severe mental disorders (the soul’s keeper).
If the impact was struck by a stranger, in most cases it will quickly cease its influence, and the situation will return to normal. On an ongoing basis, people with whom the victim communicates use colleagues: friends, relatives. In this case, all that is lost is immediately revealed by the initiator of witchcraft. A woman loses attraction – her girlfriend blooms. A man is fired from his job, and his old friend suddenly takes up a good job. Examples of mass.

An important point: the magician tries to maintain relations with the object of influence, while the victim feels guilt before his “executioner” and has a desire to regularly contact him.

Kramnik: How to protect yourself from  a magic attack

Many people are not subject to negative influence, because they have strong protection. They can be guarded by a race, a religious egregor, a lured nature, and sometimes a strong aura plays a shield role. In such cases, the miners do not work. If you do not have confidence in your own security, it is recommended that you follow a series of tips to help you protect yourself from the attack of a magician:

Do not take presents from those who cause dislike and fear. Kraznik through a gift is a classic of the genre. Any item can be “charged” for causing damage or creating a channel for pumping energy. Do not take anything from strangers. “Good” grandmothers, along with the candy offered to the child, are able to lead to a program of kidnapping of health.
Do not give in to flattery, do not listen to compliments. Very often, thieves are launched through words: a girl is praised for her beautiful appearance, while stealing her attractiveness; a successful businessman is constantly admired, emphasizing his well-being and dragging himself financial fortune, etc. On suspicious compliments it is best to answer: “And you / you the same!”
Destroy any found underlays. The peg is sometimes induced, like spoilage, through thrown objects. It is necessary to burn scraps of hair, rags, dried flowers found in the house, at the doorstep, in personal belongings. All that can not be burned, should be carried to the intersection or thrown in the trash – needles, buttons, mirror, earth.
Avoid strangely behaving people, obey the inner voice.
The traditional cemetery, which even inexperienced mages use, involves walking for the victim with the most accurate imitation of her movements and whispering a conspiracy. Such an impact usually forces a person to look back – at this point you can see the ill-wishers. At the slightest suspicion, you should dramatically change the direction: go to a cafe, get lost in a crowd, turn in the opposite direction. In this case, the ritual will be ripped off. It is always necessary to remember that magic has long ceased to be the lot of the elect. The wide prevalence of information allows everyone to master witchcraft techniques at least on a minimal level. And knowledge, multiplied by envy and laziness, often become the “excuse” to send a robber. Any person can be an enemy. Negative effects should be removed. It is best to remove the craters with the help of an experienced magician, who knows first hand about such methods of energy theft. At home, getting rid of the problem is very difficult: there is a risk to give the kidnapper even more than he already managed to take.

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