About me

Foreword by Hekates

Life is like death, is relative.

For some, it is like dead water, but for someone it is alive.

People “ignorant” can be afraid of this, and “others” enjoy, control and observe it with exstasy, for everyone has his own.

Such people like me are usually called Jokers– people who are under the patronage the egregors of various religious confessions and not only…

They are born after midnight, at certain dates and from very ambiguous ancestors…

It is trivial, but the fact that even a group of their blood enters the circle of rare, possessing a number of paranormal abilities.

It is proved not by one series of scientific studies.

In my case, it’s no secret to anyone that I went to this with  long, and sometimes paradoxical, thorny path, full of contradictions.

Children’s dreams to save the world did not leave me until the moment of transition to adulthood. And at that time it seemed to me that the faculty of psychology, to which  I entered without much effort into the “Ukrainian People’s Academy”, will help me in it.

But fortunately, and maybe unfortunately, I was born in a family in which all male representatives were employees of security agencies. To put it mildly, my choice of this profession was not supported as something serious and worthy of attention and respect in the future.

And therefore, being a student I went to conquer the stern metallurgical machine-building business, having started my way from subworking  as a secretary’s assistant of the holding company. By the age of 27 I had come to the status of a shareholder and president of the largest metallurgical concern at that time JSC Finprofile, not without the help of, of course, relatives and close people, in parallel (for the soul), I finished with honors Kharkiv Institute of Fashion and Design. And on this I put a fat and solid point, realizing that the fate can not be deceived, and that I have already with a second consoled the ambitions of those who put them on me from my early childhood!

In my family already in five generations are sorceresses and herbalists.Check it out, too, will not be difficult for anyone who wants (if he goes to my historic homeland in a small town, where was born the famous artist I. E. Repin, whose name’s school I had the honor to graduate from).

Science and scientific progress do not stand still, and despite the fact that Magic is the science of all sciences, it did not warm me to call myself a “grandmother-fortune-teller”. Certainly, I took over the sacred knowledge of my ancestors, accumulated not in one generation, but I understood that it is necessary to inform people about this on the basis of the corresponding higher education. Today I am the holder of a Master’s degree in Pharmacy of the “National Pharmaceutical University”, as well as a number of medical entities, (it’s not difficult to check on my site www.doctor-yuliya.com).

In addition to the generic gift, given to me by inheritance, I spend an enormous amount of time, money, energy, tools and sources to study the sacred knowledge in various parts of the world!

I do not treat myself to people with a number of regalia, denoting themselves as “lords of the rings”, “masters of darkness” and other nonsense, just help where it is in my powers and does not contradict the framework of ethics and human decency, and I do not mislead those to whom my gift can not be useful.

There is nothing better than being yourself. 

And there is nothing more ridiculous and punishable than impersonating someone you are not…

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