My book

The power of the kin

Or how to turn the fate into the channel that you dream about!

“In her first book Julia Menshikova tells about how the power of our ancestors’ psycho-genecode continues to influence our destiny and answers the question:is it possible to change what” is destined”? In order to act properly, you need to understand well who you are and where you are. In many ways this knowledge comes from knowledge of your kin, the history of your ancestors. The power that over the centuries is transmitted from one generation – – to the next, which is in Your physics and psyche – – is formed into the certain plots affecting your life itself. If you learn to see and change these plots, – – You will learn to change your destiny! “

Also, it contains many worldly wisdoms and information about the strongest Egregors of the world, practical, effective ways–how with the help of faith, strength of will and sacred knowledge to create the life of your dream, to understand who surrounds you, what intentions people pursue in relation to you, who to let in your environment, and whom as a defective stroke on the canvas remove with the eraser irretrievably! How not to spend your energy, precious time and including nerves to fight against windmills which exist in our consciousness, how to immerse yourself in peace and contemplation of that, how is lining up a bit by bit, all that we will not wish not looking at the stereotypes of society and all kinds of well-wishers”.

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