Animal treatment

It so happened that almost from the very first days of man’s existence, there were always pets near him. They were his first and reliable assistants in many spheres of life, and often human well-being depended on them. Such a strong connection between the world of man and the world of animals is reflected in the traditions of the religions of the world – in the form of a prayer for the health of our younger brothers. In the old days, people turned to the saints with a request for the health of their livestock, for protection against sorcery and magic. Much attention was paid to the treatment of animals by folk healing methods.

Pets treatment with magic

Love for animals and nature has always been a part of many traditions of the world, because through the right attitude to the world around us, true love is manifested. There are a large number of prayers and rituals about animals in which a person addresses saints and other forces!

Unfortunately, very often one has to face the cruel treatment of humans with animals. By causing suffering to our smaller brothers, a person condemns himself to a natural negative energy response not only of himself but of his descendants, since the same laws apply here as in relationships between people. But besides this, it is aggravated by the postulate. Don’t dare to hurt the one who is not equal to you and did not touch you first!

Who can treat animals?

There is a huge difference between a healer and a veterinarian, and it lies primarily in the diagnosis. The animal is silent and unable to talk about its problems, so you will not be able to collect a history of its disease. Those who are given to treat animals are able to understand the dumb creature and provide the help it needs. As for gratitude, her animals, as a rule, are expressed not to the healer, but to the owner, and its manifestation is much broader than a person can imagine.

Probably, many have heard the expression “an ordinary doctor treats a person, and a person who is able to heal an animal saves humanity”. It has a deep meaning. Between the owner and the animal there is a special unique energy connection and in critical situations our pets take the most powerful fatal and blows, addressed to the person, to themselves. Saving our younger brothers, we save ourselves not only from atonement for our own sins, but the world from the Evil that prevails in the world now!

Pets are guardian angels and people

They are guides between infernal worlds and dimensions. It is well known that due to pets that are loved by the owner, the psycho-emotional state and human health improves. It happens imperceptibly and precisely in those moments when the owner needs it most. The energy field of dogs, cats and even fish is part of the energy of the whole family and is able to act as a “accumulator” of energy, a guardian. This is the basis of the mystical power of animals.

Within the family, energy is constantly exchanged, and if it concerns the interaction between animals and humans, then for the latter such an interchange always has a beneficial effect on its emotional and physical state. It is not by chance that many pets get sick at the same moments as their owners, since animals are able to take away the host disease.

It is often said that our smaller brothers resemble their masters. This is true. The fact is that, unlike humans, animals have one spirit to their whole appearance. Getting into the new family, the pet joins the spirit of the owner and lives his fate. Their energy field is now one.

Thus, any negative effects made on the owner, the animal assumes. Another positive thing is that by raising up their pets, the person improves himself, learns to be kinder, more patient, acquires the qualities of a leader and benefactor. Learning whose mercy is so little in the world now!

Plots for animalsBy taking care of an animal, caring for it during an illness, a person gets the opportunity to get rid of his ailments without suffering, but only if he is moved by love and compassion. Taking care of your pet’s health – you care about your health. Free yourself from many sins!

How do we treat pets? This happens with any contact between the owner and the pet, and numerous studies only confirm this. Depression, disorders in the cardiovascular system, weak immunity, chronic pain – pets struggle with human diseases with him. Your pet also feels you at a distance, it foresees events, always be attentive to the animal, they are powerful precursors of many events.

When do I take care of animals?

The cause of animal diseases can be both a genetic predisposition and an energy attack on the pet’s owner. You will need my help in the second case. It requires proper diagnosis, since the symptoms of damage and common diseases may be similar. Here are the main ones:

  • The malaise appeared suddenly and experts cannot determine the cause of the disease state;
  • severe apathy;
  • refusal of food;
  • excessive anxiety;
  • detachment of the animal;
  • you see that the animal is asking you for help with its eyes and actions.

In the case of a strong aggression of an animal, unfortunately I can give general recommendations, but I do not undertake to diagnose an animal in its presence.

Pets take on the negative energy aimed at the owner

Animals can take on negative energy destined to a family member. First of all it concerns such faithful companions of man, like dogs and cats. In some cases, a person subconsciously gets rid of an excess of negative through their own pets, such people and their descendants will bear a long and cruel punishment for this, in others, targeting damage is done directly to the animal in order to weaken its owner if those are too close.

If you are dealing with damage or the evil eye, the treatment of an animal in a veterinary clinic will not bring the expected result and, at best, your pet will feel only a slight relief. Special ceremonies and plots are used for correction. Holding them helps to save pets if it is still possible. You have to understand that in this case you provide assistance not only to those who have been tamed, but also care about your well-being and health, because, as I wrote above, you are united by one energy field. But sometimes you have to understand that if you remove something from a pet, you consciously can pay for it because he took it as a disease to take it all very individually in each of the cases! For the animal taking the blow is aware of what it is going for in the name of saving its owner!

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