Online Counseling

Who needs an online consultation of a magician, psychic, fortune-teller, diagnostician

Consultation mage online is designed for the mobility of those who are very busy in time and address their issues and understands that its nuances and issues can be resolved at a distance without distracting from current activities. The second option is a person who is far away from me geographically. If you are my regular customer and you often need to quickly get answers to your questions, remote consultation with a magician will help you quickly solve the problem.

You can always ask your question by e-mail, phone, vibera, but if there are any reasons why this is not possible, I will be glad to have our live communication. Such cases sometimes exist, for example, if we are talking about a sick animal, then of course it will be more effective to see it.

When communicating, you can ask pressing questions for you and get an answer in real time. Very often, to assist you need a detailed description of the life situation, a story that prompted you to ask for help from a magician.

In some cases, you may need urgent assistance, so waiting for a response by e-mail will be unacceptable for you. To do this, my regular customers, with whom we cooperate long-term on various aspects:

  • business,
  • politicians,
  • personal family problems,
  • law enforcement officers and so on.

There are some kind of subscriptions, acquiring which, you always promptly, at any time of the day, will be able to contact for advice on your questions by phone.

What help I give

After reviewing your life situation, I will give an interpretation of it from the point of view of magic, explain why certain events happen in your life, help you identify ways to solve your problems, with specific practices and recommendations that will help you return to a normal life.


How is the online consultation of the magician

Consultation is held in the program Viber (Skype), Skype (Skype), telegrams (Telegram), instagram (Instagram), by phone number, etc. The duration of the initial consultation is always about 30 minutes. Based on experience, this is quite enough to talk about the situation that has developed in your life, ask pressing questions and get answers to them. Therefore, in order to save your money and our time, try to be concise, although of course the consultation can always be extended at your request for an additional fee.

How to sign up for a mage consultation online

Online mage consultationTo do this, leave a request at the top of this page. Or contact me at the numbers indicated on the site (except Sunday and official State holidays) from 11:00 to 20:00 Kyiv time

The cost of a 30-minute online consultation of the magician costs 17 euros.

After you submit your application, an e-mail will send you the details for payment for my services.

Who i don’t work with

  • I am not engaged in the services of pointing damage to death, and in general any damage, interventions in the family, searching for the missing, voicing exact dates and names;
  • I do not accept orders that go beyond human ethics, and which are fraught with negative consequences for her and her family;
  • I do not work with people in a state of drug and alcohol intoxication;
  • With people who have visible signs of inadequate behavior;
  • By people demanding in an ultimatum form to help them on an altruistic basis;
  • I will not enter into any negotiations with representatives of various bodies without appropriate legal regulations and the presence of a personal lawyer;
  • I can give warnings about life, but I do not carry the news of death.
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