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In the arsenal of black magic, there are many means by which you can harm a person. And it can be done completely unnoticed by him. Kradnik is one of the most widespread such methods, destroying the life of the victim, while leaving his energy body completely healthy. The only way to stop its negative impact is the removal of “kradnik” and further energy cleansing, which should be carried out by people practicing to combat this type of energy impact – healers, mages, witches, healers, molfars, etc., but not in any way close friends and neighbors over a cup of coffee in the kitchen in the room where people live.

What is kradnik – its types

The means of black magic allow you to create programs aimed at the destruction of human energy and not only that are extremely difficult to diagnose by man himself. A normally functioning human body is a whole energy system in which there is a constant exchange and accumulation of energy flows. If a black magician or just an envious person, with a strong energy field, uses this kind of program, which is directly implemented in the victim’s biofield, its identification usually does not cause difficulties for a specialist.

Kradnik in magic

Flows of negative energy attack a person from the outside. There is a redirection of the energy borrowed from the victim to another person, which can radically change the life of the donor.

Creating a ground by using a thing

Now let’s talk about how to create and what are “kradniki.” One of the most common ways is to use donor items. Therefore, I strongly do not recommend transferring your personal belongings to people whom you do not know well enough. They can be transmitted as gifts, but also easily made at a distance if this is done by the one who did it more than once and has the ability to do so.

Kradnik using thingsThere are money and luck kradniki, which allow the initiator to improve well-being, and the victim begins to lose money almost everywhere:

  • salary is reduced,
  • losing somehow large sums of money,
  • there are unexpected unexpected significant expenses, etc.

Very often one has to deal with cases when a person suddenly begins to age. Its appearance changes dramatically: pigment spots appear, hair loses shine, the figure becomes unattractive. The man is not particularly happy about anything!

Attractive kradnik

Kradniki love appeal, for example, the girl had a crowd of fans and suddenly he notices that after parting after one of them, men no longer see anything serious in her perspective, her appearance fades, her weight changes, her charisma leaves. In this case, the creation of “kradniki” of beauty and youth of love attraction is possible.

Damage “Kradnik” on health

Kradnik its types and methods of determiningUnfortunately, such cases often occur among relatives. “Kradniki” are made to steal health. If quarrels and betrayals occur in your family, one of the members suffers from infertility, then you may have a “thief” who decided to build his happy family life at the expense of you. In this case, you should also be careful with unfamiliar, and sometimes with proven people.

Such acts do not pass without a trace for him, although the realization of this comes rather late or not at all. All this can be returned to the thief with an even greater scale, or simply cut off! Having done this once, it will not give you a guarantee for ever, but such is life, after eating a meal once a day, we cannot eat for a year! These are the laws of life, but as you know forewarned is forearmed!

Runic kradnik

Runic kradnikAnother dangerous version of the energy theft is the rune “kradnik”. Its effectiveness is somewhat lower than that of the above, but it can be created even by people with whom you are not personally acquainted. This can be done, for example, on the street – it is enough to go to the victim and read the spell. Another way is to read a conspiracy over any image of a person. There are a great many of such sophisticated ways in such sinful tempted souls.

And often I don’t even talk about varieties and recipes, so as not to tempt this kind of crafty “thieves”

How to identify and get rid of kradnik

Diagnostics “kradnikov” – the lot of experts. To this end, special rituals are held, which, under certain conditions, even help identify the thief. Your task is to identify the changes that have begun to occur in your life for no apparent reason. This applies to absolutely all spheres of human life, since “kradniki”, as I wrote above, can be installed on anything, even on your abilities.

Removal of landIn order to stop the process of energy leakage, an exact magical diagnosis will be needed, which can only be performed by a person who is familiar with this. The problem is that black magicians rarely leave channels open, all the while searching for a new victim. But for an experienced magician there is no need to determine the addressee in order to conduct the rite of reverse effect. Weaker “kradniki”, which are created by the lining method, in some cases can be partially neutralized on their own, you can hardly cope with the problem yourself, as a rule, you can hardly try, if you are confident in your abilities, but you can better turn to a professional.

With an open channel, everything is simpler – it is destroyed, and you cease to be a donor for the initiator. You should also put protection on the area that is most vulnerable. For this purpose, staves are used, special “cleansing” rituals are conducted, or rituals are held on universal harmony and good luck that we will discuss this below.

Ceremonies for good luck

The universe lives by its own laws, which are most often not respected by man. Speaking of energy, we most often mean the Higher forces, thanks to which all changes occur on Earth. This applies to all areas of human life.

Do not forget that energy is always neutral. Our thoughts and feelings can give it a negative or positive coloring – it is the person who forces her to work in one way or another.

Rites for money and luckAbundance is the mode of existence of the universe. She is ready to share everything that can only be available to a person, and in this case, you just need to connect to the energy-information flows and be one with her. This is what ceremonies are aimed at, which are able to bring good luck and material well-being into your life.

But remember, the one who is not ready to share will never receive anything in abundance. It is like the law of mutual attraction, how much you are willing to pay so much and you will be rewarded.

In this lies the vulnerable point of the “thieves” they steal, and do not acquire, therefore, sooner or later they will face a heavy reward. Rule: not caught no thief does not work in the case of the Laws of the Universe!

The working out of your powerful channels and the removal of limiters for you will always serve as an extra measure of security for God protects you, Take care!

Energy channels are the ability to receive energy from other levels in order to correct fate, health, relationships with people, etc. With their help, you can attract luck, various benefits, to develop their hidden abilities. It is even possible to acquire them, but this topic is a completely different story for dedicated people.

Creating and acquiring channels and lifting restrictions that prevent them from using them is the path to success, happiness and the harmony of the power of anything. The subtle energy of higher levels perfectly interacts with the human aura, feeding it, expanding its possibilities, creating ideal conditions for the harmonious development of a person and the disclosure of his abilities.

How to make an application for the diagnosis and removal of kradnik

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