The production of “protection”

Before telling you what a “defense” is, I will focus on the difference between them.

Let’s start with the simplest type of negative impact from the outside – the evil eye. It is done unintentionally, by people who by nature have a malicious or “heavy” look.

Statement of magical protection

As for damage or witchcraft, this type of intervention in the energy field of a person is performed with the help of special rites and conspiracies. Its initiators are, as a rule, envious people who can use the services of those who practice such negative influences.

And finally, the curse is another kind of negative energy, the impact of which is based on a great hatred of man. In moments when a person is overwhelmed with negative emotions, he can express his wishes to the offender, which can become a curse. It is the opposite of blessing when a good word can change the situation and the outcome of any business. One type of this negative is the generic curse, which is passed on from generation to generation and applies to the whole family. His goal – “lime” genus.

The next kind is the religious curse. This negative energy comes from the clergy. For example, the well-known anathema. Household curses are more common, which are obtained in the process of various disputes and scandals. Finally, a person can impose a curse on his own – usually this happens with people who have a very negative attitude towards themselves and there are a lot of them.

It must be understood that the curse is not always disastrous. Once uttered, it may not act immediately, but begin the destructive process at the moment when a person does something terrible or go back to the one who said it.

What are the symptoms of the evil eye, damage, curses

There are a great many manifestations of the above described negative effects on the energy field of a person, so you need to listen to your body in order to identify them in a timely manner. I will list the most obvious of them:

  • Damage protectiondepression or bad mood for no apparent reason, insomnia;
  • nightmares;
  • persistent discomfort;
  • unreasonable anxiety;
  • diseases for which doctors cannot find a reason;
  • abrupt changes in appearance (aging, pale complexion);
  • negative attitude of others (for no apparent reason);
  • frequent injuries;
  • deterioration of relations with relatives;
  • financial difficulties;
  • dizziness and fainting;
  • feeling of pressure in the area of ​​important centers (for example, in the navel).
  • loss of meaning of life;
  • apathy;
  • the need for the absorption of harmful food in not fixed quantities, or in alcohol and nicotine, etc.
  • not a desire to work, but to constantly sleep, lie down or lie dormant.

In addition, problems with conception, the appearance of tumors, mental illness may indicate a negative impact, but rarely I undertake such cases, and only after a personal meeting, as in such cases other related specialists are usually more relevant (physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists, etc.)

Is it possible to damage myself

This is perhaps the most common option. In any case, the cause of disease and various failures in the life path is in the person himself. Bad thoughts, fears, lack of confidence and resentment lead to legitimate negative results.

To stop self-destruction, you must not stop working on your thoughts, learn to manage emotions. You can protect yourself from negative influences by learning to control your speech and thoughts, because any words that a person utters can change his fate and sooner or later materialize.

And here you have to work with related specialists such as psychologists and coaches to study literature, all this is solved!

What expressions can negatively affect the human energy field

So, all our thoughts and speeches are material. Once spoken words sooner or later become a reality, that’s why we are the creator of our destiny. To make it clear what is at stake, I will give examples of typical negative statements:

  • “I do not have enough money all the time.”
  • “I have a headache all the time.”
  • “I feel worse every day.”
  • “Tired to death.”
  • “I never get lucky.”
  • “I will never succeed.”
  • “I have no time”.
  • “You’re sick of me to death,” etc.
  • “I’m not not smart enough and handsome sexy and attractive” and so on
  • “I am not beautiful (not beautiful)”
  • “I’m too thin or fat”
  • “All men or women are bastards”
  • “I always have bad luck,” etc.

Who needs and what is the “setting of magical protection”

To protect against various negative impacts, which include damage, the evil eye, curses, lyarvy, real, enemies and psevdodruzya, own energy immunity is important, which can be compared with physiological. Possessing them, a person is reliably protected from negative energy, but he does not guarantee complete security.

Magical house protectionThis is a daily work on yourself, if you are not predisposed to this, then the help of my special even the most powerful practices is powerless!

Prevention of negative effects in the future helps setting protection. It should be understood that by nature, people have a different level of energy immunity, therefore, the duration of the installed protection will be different for each individual. In women, protection against damage and the evil eye is less resistant than in men, as well as in children who have not yet entered puberty. Pregnant women need increased protection (their energy field weakens during the childbearing period), and for a girl, for example, during a wedding.

Another key factor that influences the duration of protection and susceptibility to various negative effects is the nature and way of thinking of a person. The more he envies, jealous, gloats, arrives in indignation, shows hatred and grumbles for any reason, the less she will last.

Therefore, beware of those professionals who provide a guarantee for their services – it cannot exist, since there are a huge number of factors affecting the degree and duration of individual protection. In addition, as practice shows, the cost of such services is quite high. For any loss of energy in the name of someone must be replenished by a reward, so that not one of the parties would suffer in the future!

How to apply for protection

The multipolarity of the world makes a person be prepared for such negative effects as damage, evil eye, curses. Magic has a sufficient amount of tools that will help create a reliable protection against detractors.

You can apply for a magic protection by filling out the form on the website and attaching your photo. I will contact you to clarify the details. Either call me back to the specified numbers on weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00 Kiev time

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