The ritual of “cleaning” Human

Every day, and sometimes not even once, we clean the body by taking a shower and washing off dirt and bacteria. Moreover, we sometimes even process our hands with various antiseptics and other means that kill the flora favorable for the reproduction of bacteria. We always strive to be clean and smell good and be in good spirits and moods.

You must admit that clean skin, hands and hair and good mood are a sign of culture, a sign of good health and accuracy. However, besides the physical body, we also have a more subtle organism, the cleansing of which we, unfortunately, sometimes forget. For this, energy cleansing of a person is carried out.

Why energy cleansing of a person from negative and negative programs is so important

Think about it, every day we are among a crowd of other people, not always positively disposed around them, we fall into our thoughts and at the same time, the thoughts of other people somehow influence us. But not so often people think about the positive. Most often, these are constant fears, negative fears, hatred, envy, aggression, panic, despair, bad mood, watchtowers, and so on.

human energy cleansing

All these factors create a rather “dirty” and sometimes even detrimental environment around the moral and spiritual state of each person, leading to irreversible negative consequences. Driving through public transport, communicating with colleagues, friends, customers, interacting with the crowd in stores and supermarkets, we mix our energy with those who sympathize with, who we listen to, and even with those with whom we associate and consider it very close.

Energy cleansing of the person from the negative is especially important because all these external effects on the human body ultimately lead to various diseases, unattainable goals, energy loss, a series of failures, and so on. Remember, because so often everything goes according to plan, and at the last moment you don’t understand what’s coming down.

But there are also a number of programs imposed on us from our ancestors and can be transmitted to our descendants.

Who needs energy cleansing of karma, auras, or negative generic programs

The structure and the human body throughout life accumulates a large amount of damage, or they are already predetermined before our birth by the actions of our ancestors or our workings in previous incarnations. So, if you feel that the forces are gradually leaving you, and even after a quality vacation or rest, trying to restore your health again does not appear energy cleansing, and a surge of strength and vitality – energy cleansing from negative programs, this is what can help you. This condition can occur for many reasons:

  • Cleaning karma from negative programsMagical attacks;
  • Porch;
  • Curses;
  • Negative parental blocks (after all almost all complexes and restrictions come from our youth)
  • Conflict with other people;
  • Permanent stay in the spotlight;
  • Often being in public places.
  • Envy itd.
  • It is banal even if we offended someone undeservedly.

All this spoils the health of a person, and also reduces the effectiveness of communication and the overall quality of life. In the end – I want to relax not only from all the cases, but also from all people and from myself as well. Sinful utopian thoughts apathy, despair and indifference come to mind.

The ritual of the energetic cleansing of a person – what it is and why it is needed

Energy cleansing of a person from negative programsIn general, any process of energy purification is a renewal of human energy, as well as its release from various thoughts and emotions from the outside world, “debts”, “negative attitudes and programs”. In the cleansing of a person, the removal of destructive energy influences and the formulation of protection from subsequent negative implants also occurs.

Energy cleansing of a person opens up wide opportunities for further harmonious work of all systems of the human body, his soul and life attitudes, establishing active and healthy work of the chakras and energy fields of a person, a surge of new forces to it, as well as life joys.

Reprogramming the negative in the fate of the positive and productivity

In the process of cleaning the energy of a person it is extremely important not only to remove disturbing emotions, but also to remove the damaged energy of the person himself. At the same time, it is necessary to fill the empty space with new, pure force, so that after the completion of such a procedure, there is no feeling of emptiness inside and no one is attracted from the outside with what could fill this emptiness. But the most important condition is a firm, unshakable faith and desire for accomplishment. This is what a person really needs, but without the desire and faith in miracles and good deeds, these accomplishments are impossible!

When energy cleaning is needed removing blocks and setting protection

ProtectionEven if the energy cleansing of a person has already been done, cleaning, for example, of real estate objects will not hurt anyway. This is especially true when you work at home and you are often visited by the motley public. And it does not matter at all: you are a manicurist, to whom dozens of clients come every day, or a programmer who works one on one with a laptop or personal computer.

In addition, sometimes uninvited and unwelcome guests come to our homes, who destroy the aura of the house you have been creating for so long. Or you do not know how to calm you most disturbing!

How is the energy cleansing of man

What happens after energy cleansingIn fact, there are quite a few ways that such a process can be carried out. They are selected on the basis of the emotional and general state of the person, the subtle bodies, and a number of factors accompanying this or that situation, as well as what kind of cleaning is needed: cleaning with salt, fleece quartet, egg, wax and so on.

Sometimes in the process of diagnostics it turns out that cleaning the space is impossible and it is worth stopping to disturb certain places with the human presence, which they do not accept. In addition, key factors that lead to a tired state are also taken into account. For sometimes a person needs not magical services, but a good psychoanalyst or psychiatrist, and this is a completely different story that has nothing to do with this kind of rituals.

Energy cleaning person should be carried out only by a specialist. I am always ready to answer all your questions whether I can be useful to you or not: for this you don’t have to go to a personal consultation – just fill in the feedback form on the website or contact me at the indicated contacts.

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