Treatment with herbs and ointments

Nature is infinite in its diversity, and everything that is part of this world and lives by its rules, has the same unbreakable energy. Our ancestors were well aware of the principles by which the world around us exists, and skillfully used what nature shared with them in abundance.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Treatment Diseases

Each plant is not just a unique set of active chemical compounds. Like any other part of the world, they have a tremendous unique energy, which is influenced by a very large number of factors. Knowledge of how to use the healing properties of plants, passed down from generation to generation, and mediators between herbalists and herbalists were called mediators between the world of plants and the world of people.

Who are healers and herbalists

Until the 19th century, herbalists shamans or healers fought with all the diseases and ailments of people – people who were devoted to secret sacred teachings about how you can use the tremendous healing power contained in the plant world.

Fortunetellers, psychics, healers, phytotherapists, homeopaths, healers – all this is usually people whose activities are quite specific, but, unfortunately, ordinary people who love beautiful and mysterious stories have nothing to do with the profession of a herbalist or healer.

Who are the real healers and herbalists? These are those who treat people with the help of herbs, using for this purpose the knowledge that has been accumulated and stored for centuries. Herbal therapy is the only medicine that saved humanity from all ills throughout its development. This is not only herbal Vedic medicine, but also the secrets of Tibetan healers, Indian Ayurveda, Egyptian heritage and any other knowledge systems that have existed in almost every nation.

Thus, at least until the middle of the 19th century, any doctor was considered a herbalist or medicine man, and among them were such well-known personalities of the people as Hippocrates, Avicenna, Paracelsus, Rabelais and many others.

The entire party elite and the powerful of the world have always successfully resorted to the help of herbalists and herbal treatments: Hitler, Napoleon. Yes, and the current Hollywood beau monde does not hide the fact that they began to discover the sources of youth in a new way in raw food and herbal medicine!

The power of herbal medicine – herbal treatments

Herbal Treatment Traditional MedicineWhy herbal medicine is so powerful. Plants and herbs affect the body slowly but surely, allowing it to cope with the most insidious diseases, in front of which traditional medicine is powerless. The secret of healing is quite simple – each plant is distinguished by a unique and balanced composition, whose effect on the body manifests itself in a certain healing effect. Properly combining these invaluable gifts of nature, the healer manages to influence the root causes of the disease.

It so happened that modern man trusts “bureaucratic” official medicine more than herbal medicine and herbal medicine. People are willing to spend huge amounts of money on well-publicized funds, because it is a multi-billion dollar financial industry that lobbies its interests at all levels of government, which are often not only ineffective in treating the true cause of the disease, but “kill” the body with chemical reagents and destroy the immune system. That is why herbalists are treated as herbs of last resort for treatment, millions don’t invest in advertising as drugs, but they often go to them, alas, when there is no hope left and hope only for magical help.

Herbalist spirit tinctures of herbsOn the account of any real healer, hundreds of healed “incurable” patients with oncology at the last stage, paralyzed after a stroke, people with epilepsy, hepatitis and other serious illnesses – those whom white gowns no longer take to help.

It should be said that the healing effect of collecting depends on many factors that an experienced herbalist must take into account, and the knowledge about this is passed on from generation to generation. Each plant is a living organism, which, like a human, has maximum power only in certain periods, and each component in the collection must be selected in such a way as to enhance the effect of the other, and not vice versa. This is only a small part of the secrets that allow healers to make the most of the forces of nature and the answer to the question about the effectiveness of conventional pharmacy fees.

Herbalist, healer or phytotherapist – who am I?

My patients are very surprised by the fact that I am a herbalist with a master’s degree in pharmacy and a number of other diplomas from various medical entities, which you can read more about in my website.

Probably, this should be the way of a person who took the liberty to treat with herbs and help people with the help of traditional medicine. My generic gift and knowledge, which I received by inheritance from ancestors, healers, make me be in constant search and strive for self-improvement, for which I spare no effort, money, time. Of course, I know less in this direction than my grandmother and mother because they are people on earth, and I am a resident of the Capital of a megapolis. So, they produce the basic blanks and production, as well as consultations on these issues, and I give their coordinates need.

What can be treated with herbs

Herbalist services are the treatment of almost all known diseases. The composition of fees, ointments, tinctures, elixirs include herbal ingredients that have proven their effectiveness over the centuries, and their correct combination tens and hundreds of times increases the healing effect of the drug on the body. All the ingredients in our family are collected in ecological clean corners of our country and the world.

Herbal therapy – what diseases are we fighting

Below is a list of only a small part of those diseases and disorders, for which we offer treatment fees, any herbal preparation is possible.

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • ENT diseases;
  • disorders of the thyroid gland;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • problems with utilities;
  • cholecystitis;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • normalization of metabolism and more under the individual order:

Making grass wards

Grass tarts

The magical properties of plants are endless! Herbal and plant charms are an effective way to attract positive energy, protect yourself, your family and your home. Help in your business of enlightenment cleaning business and so on. I make charms for the achievement of any goals, except for the negative and aimed at destruction – herbs that have received their strength from the elements of earth and air, will henceforth serve to your benefit.

Herbal medicine – incurable diseases do not exist

armony is a way of being. The desire and ability to be a part of nature is not a separate action, but a way of life. To see, listen, feel, receive and give away energy is the natural state of any particle of nature, which is man. The magic of plants is precisely due to their ability to be part of this collective mind.

Remember, incurable diseases do not exist, but there are incorrect treatment methods, and distorted perception programs that can be positively corrected. Unlike traditional medicine, herbal medicine and phytotherapy are engaged in the rehabilitation not of an individual organ or system, but of the organism as a whole. This is the main reason for its effectiveness and that is why so often people talk about a miracle that occurs as a result of proper herbal medicine.

I don’t urge to deny the official medicine, it has made great strides and helps a lot, but without knowledge of the past and its resources we have no future, the progenitors of modern medicine surely continue to be herbalists and healers!

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