There are many ways to use the magic power of plants.
Witches, sorcerers, witches and shamans at all times drank infusion and decoctions of witch herbs, rubbed into the skin an ointment made from them, inhaled dried and powdered plants or used them for fumigation.
Wear on the body as amulets and talismans, dried parts of plants or roots must carry their magical power to this person.
Today, for the root of the mandrake in the form of a human figure, about five thousand euros
When collecting herbs for witchcraft, you must observe a certain time of year and time of day, some plants can be collected only at midnight or at full moon. Others – only after a preliminary spell.
Collection of mandrake root is especially difficult. This fleshy root was previously extracted from the ground with a cord, hooked to the root of the root with one end, and the other – tied to the tail of the dog.
According to the belief, the one who pulls the root of the mandrake from the earth must die soon. If this is unavoidable, then it is better to let the dog die.
It was noticed that certain plants, except for the magical effect on the spirits, have an effect on the human psyche. They increase stamina, make them immune to pain, treat illnesses, inject them into trance and help develop clairvoyance.
Because the magic of plants has become so popular.
The plant extract of satyrion is used as a means of enhancing a love feeling. The same effect is achieved by the root tubers of the orchis.
As those who remove sexual arousal (antichars for those who are intoxicated by sorcery of love – privorozhennyh) are used a water-lily, garlic and lily-like asphodelus.
Verbena brings peace and health to those who carry this sorcery grass. The Indian plant Asciepias acida, whose milky juice tastes sharp and astringent, was previously considered a means of immortality.
The root of the Ibog plant in the early twentieth century was used by the natives of West Africa as a witching tool for stimulating sexual desire and overcoming drowsiness and fatigue.
The German anthropologist Theodore Koh-Grünberg observed from the Indians of the Orinoco River, between Colombia and Venezuela, how the magic powder obtained from the bark of Virola theutora is made and used.
“This magical snuff is used exclusively by healers.
A sorcerer uses a straw to blow a little of this powder into the air. Then he sniffs it. After that, the sorcerer begins to sing at once and shout wildly … ”
The tangelis plant, which grew in Lebanon on Mount Diktis and on the island of Crete, promotes clairvoyance.
Many plants are used for witchcraft purposes.
Belen is considered a means to raise morale.
Woven from wormwood roots, the belt transfers all the sufferings of the patient to the fire, if the patient throws it into the fire. In addition, if there is wormwood in the house, it can turn the devil himself into flight.
Valerian is considered in sorcerous faith a means of bringing happiness and giving courage.
Budre, a plant from the class of labial flowers, is attributed to the property of identifying witches, if from it weave a wreath and wear it on his head.
A common hawk is considered a means of increasing visual acuity so that you can see everything that is a mile away.
Doronikum is praised in plant magic as a means of witchcraft, if you carry around with them like an amulet soaked in a decoction from its roots and wrapped in freshly cut leather patches or bury them under the house.
As a means for spell casting, especially effective at fumigation during magical ceremonies, asphodelus is preferred.
Ivy is used as a remedy against witchcraft.
From mushrooms magical application was found by the fly agaric red and, so-called, the egg of witches.
Egg of witches – this is the initial stage of growth of the veselka ordinary – the fungus, which affects the roots of the hair. The ripe fungus is poisonous, and the egg of witches can be eaten. They are considered the best means to evoke a feeling of love.
For a love of magic, a white water lily will do. This flower must be broken at certain hours on a moonlit night. It is considered a powerful magic tool that can bring wealth and happiness in love.
According to the witchcraft belief, willow is considered a tree that brings misfortune, but it is still used as a defense against the pursuit of enemies, if a branch of willow with special spells is stuck in the ground.
Witches usually use willow twigs for witchcraft spells, while saying: “The Queen Mother held a twig in her hand.”
Datura is used in witchcraft as a means of bringing into ecstasy. This state is necessary for prophecies. With witch fumigations and the manufacture of magical ointments, dope also plays an important role.

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